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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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main issues that we wanted the district to know where the commissioners. and just going through the next steps, the members are working hard on some of the project, to get to know more about the practices being implemented. and just having just more efforts as far as the district of being more open and communicating with hte pac and -- the pac and the parents in the district. thank you.
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president mendoza: commissioners, any questions? commissioner fewer. commissioner fewer: so patsy, thanks for your presentation in your report. she is an old friend of the san francisco unified school district. you bring up a really good point that although there wasn't a lot of parent involvement, there was not a lack of apparent concern. we hear this continually when we go out into the community, but they're very concerned about how their children are progressing and about how our procedures worked. we have a somewhat difficult system to an advocate. i hope that you will be actively engaged when we have the parent engagement plan rolling out,
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because the community group is part of the target parent group. we'll get better translation services and doing greater outreach to the community. i think i heard one estimate that 60% of the students are being raised by grandparents. yet to our reach to the caretakers. commissioner murase: a this wanted to point out that -- i just wanted to point out that president mendoza and i were at a presentation. there is a directory of after- school programs. i am not sure it is the most family friendly directory, it would be great to get some feedback from the pac.
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i will make sure you did that before you leave tonight. commissioner maufas: i have a question about when the next pac meeting is. >> the next meeting will be on tuesday, november 15. and we meet in this building, but usually in the cafeteria on the third floor. >> thank you for your report. president mendoza: public comment on consent items, i don't have any speaker cards. this is a reminder that in accordance with the policy, and individual wishing to address the board on the agenda item can call the board office by 4:30 on the day of the meeting or by
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completing a speaker card prior to the item being called. cards being turned been the same time an item as discussed will not be accepted. i need a motion in the second on the consent calendar. any items withdrawn or corrected? no itens. -- items. items removed for first reading? items severed for discussion? roll call -- i do this every single time. it'll take place under section o. items for approval, there are none. item j is regarding general matters. which of several speakers that have turned and cards. what i call your name, come on up.
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[rreading names] >> a good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i am the executive vice president ahead -- it is my pleasure to invite all of you to an educational conference that
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we are putting on this weekend. the educational conference is open to parents and community members as well as all members. we have a distinguished group of presenters at the conference. rachel norton of the board of ed will be a panelist. we think that people will be interested. we have a presentation from the masons on the raising a reader program that they have just rolled out. they will be talking about the other schools where they will be presenting their little red bags for the students to take home. and books that they will get every week to read. we would really love the parents to come and hear about the program. the keynote speaker will be a
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man by the name of david kerp. he has written extensively about children and how children can succeed in life. what we as a community need to do to make that success possible. he has written a book called kids first, and the first 175 participants that register will get a copy of this excellent book. he will be presenting to the entire conference. we will have other presenters about preschool education, understanding the child's mind and the brain. he'll have programs about common core standards. it'll be a very full day, but the programs are excellent. we invite the community to come. please reregister. and you are all welcome.
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please be there at john o'connell high school this saturday from 9:00 until 2:30. president mendoza: if you are going to have a side conversation, please take it outside. it is difficult for us to hear the speakers when you are having conversations in the audience. please keep them to a minimum or take them outside. >> i just wanted to let you know that for the things going on the outside of the school world and all that, the serious concerns that have to do with occupy wall street, the unfortunate actions in oakland today, as i was getting here, the police shooting rubber bullets and spring people with teargas. we want you to know that because of the -- we are in support of
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the occupy wall street effort. we have people in various meetings. when we talk about social justice within the school district, we think this is one of the first areas where we need to talk about social justice. this matter is hitting at the whole concept of poverty and the separation between what people have and what people need. what we talk about, we are now faced with a conundrum, and mathematical conundrum that while we are one, we are also the 99. we are concerned about this, we are involved in this, and we hope that the other members of the education community will look favorably along the occupied movement and the others that are trying to a breve equity into the society around
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the money that has flown to the top and gotten away from all of the other folks. >> i have been coming back here every two weeks to ask the same questions. because i still have not gotten any answer to any of my questions. my questions are very simple, but the impact of a lot of students and a lot of families. my first question is, i like to know why the board came up with the lottery system that sends students far away from their home. what is the logic in the system? i like the board to share with
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me whether you participate in this program, to show me that you strongly believe in this system. president mendoza said her children participate in the system, they did not receive special treatment. i am glad to hear that, and i would like to know the details. where they are truly going to school. i would like to ask one of you to invite me to come over to meet with you and to explain to me what are the benefits of the lottery system. >> my name is frances evans, i have a daughter that attends
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paul revere, and i am here because there were some problems at the school with the principle. miss simmons. on the eighteenth of this month, mr. simmons slapped my daughter in her face. my daughter came home very upset. i filed a police report and i do have the police report. mrs. simmons is racist to the afro-americans and latinos. i had numerous words with her. >> madame chair, i don't believe it is proper for a person to identify. >> we were just checking that. i want to caution all of the speakers that slander for any
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of these staff members is inappropriate. if you would like to make your comments as general as possible, don't use names, personnel. >> please forgive me. i'm hoping paul revere can be a better school and the principal there can show a little more consideration with the students as far as the parents. things she has done two her parents and brutalize their children. i am just a concerned parent, and i want to see something better in the school. >> [speaking spanish]
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[inaudible conversations] >> good evening, my name is adam. i am the father of a girl out paul revere. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> i had the same situation with the principle at that school, there is no communication. and unfortunately with the issue of going to the bathroom during class. >> [speaking spanish] >> unfortunately because of what i mentioned about the bathroom, kids not being allowed to go the bathroom during class hours, and my daughter had an accident had pee'and shed -- and she pee'd on herself.
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they kept her without underwear and that is completely outrageous. this should not be happening. >> [speaking spanish] >> they have a system, it is like a rule, but they have as a board where they have the stamps if the kids have a good deed for good behavior. every time they ask to go the bathroom, one of the stances taken off. it should not be done. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> if i am not wrong, years ago, there was a policy where the kids were allowed to go the bathroom any time they needed to. thank you. president mendoza: thank you. >> [speaking spanish] >> i have two children at paul revere and i am the same situation, the same case.
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my child was expelled from class and placed in the basement until i came to pick him up. [chime] >> [speaking spanish] >> i want to renew if this is district policy. there traumatizing children and the have a policy where they can't speak during lunch. and they are dramatizing the children because they're not allowed to speak during lunch. i have a problem with one of my children as well.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> i have a 11-year-old daughter of paul revere. my daughter had the same situation, but she has herperiod -- had her period and she was not allowed to go to the bathroom. she stained herself and remained stained the rest of the day. >> [speaking spanish] >> some parents have mentioned that they do not believe what
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happens to my daughter, but i have proof. i can show them to anyone, i have it with me if someone needs proof of the truth. >> [speaking spanish] >> i don't think it is fair for and children at that school. some parents may be gutsy because they are not aware because some people don't believe these things are happening. but we do. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> my daughter has been at the school since she was little. she has had no problems until we had this new principle. and the problems are starting now. that is all i have to say, thank you. >> [speaking spanish] >> i am in the same situation. i have had many issues. i am a single mother and i feel rejected for everything i say and to speak out. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> hot daughter had the same in s,he had -- same issue. she had her period, they let her stain. she was afraid to speak out, so i took her home. >> [speaking spanish] iraq's one day i wanted to speak to -- >> one day i wanted to
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speak to a principle. suddenly she said if i did not like the school i should go. [speaking spanish] >> my son is in special education. he is in a program where he gets transportation, and they told me he would get the services for special needs if i wanted to. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> some other people in the school have stopped me and told me i am bad, but i should not say those five things about the principle, but i know because i have seen them. >> [speaking spanish] >> someone approached me, and there are three of us who came to place a complaint, but that person said, i know what you are
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doing. we are not going to do anything wrong. it looks like we are not going to be able to do anything because they seem to have more influence on mr. positions -- on district positions. >> [speaking spanish] >> my problem right now is my kindergarten girl has been told many times, you do not know nothing, and they take her out
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of the classroom. they say she is mischievous, and i know kids are mischievous, but they never called to tell me she has been placed in silent lunch. >> [speaking spanish] >> my daughter cries every day. she does not want to go to lunch because she is afraid she is going to be placed in silent lunch. she feels discriminated. my other boy was almost shot by the afterschool teacher.
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thank you. that is it. >> my name is dennis erickson. i am the mother of five children. we are here to shine light on what is really happening and demanded district removed a principal due to the divisive strategy is plaguing the community under her leadership. we speak up against the principles violating our basic rights, a positive school
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environment. we are labeled as disgruntled parents. ask yourself if you would tolerate children who lives in an unhealthy, abusive environment. youshe told me she supports shea 100% and feel sorry for the parents and whoever does not agree with it. i have asked to speak to people higher than her. as low income parents, we believe higher in educational standards.
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clearer performance and a learning environment that creates a well-grounded students by a not only reading, writing, and math, but includes science answer history and ourselves -- and history and arts. our children are only learning math, reading, and right thing. it is the principal believes this is the only way to provide quality education to latino, african-american, and poor students. because of lack of respect to the community and who she serbs, she must be removed as a principal. new -- to the community she serves, she must be removed as a principal. >> i am a parent of four kids


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